13 April 2014

DIY Quilted Easter Basket- with scrapbook paper

I wanted to make something fun with my kids and these DIY Quilted Baskets were just the thing! A simple kids craft just in time for Easter!  

I found these baskets at Target for $3 each and knew they would be a fun craft. We decided decorate them with scrapbook paper for Easter baskets, but they will also be used the rest of the year too. They will be perfect to hold trinkets, art supplies and more. Let's get started!
You will need: 

Cardboard basket- I found mine at Target
Scrapbook Paper- I used Now & Then from My Minds Eye
Mod Podge
Optional: Wooden Monogram & paint

1. Pick 4 or 5 different styles of paper to use. Cut into squares or rectangles. Or any shape you want :)
My son loved cutting out the pieces for his basket :)

2. Decide the order you want or just randomly place them onto the box. We decided a random pattern would be fun.

Put modge podge onto box and place your pieces of scrapbook paper on. Once you are done with one side, paint a coat of modge podge over the top of it to hold it into place.

3. On the sides with the handle, place your scrapbook paper pieces around the handles as best you can. 

Cut an extra piece to go over the top to cover the box. 

4. Once you have all sides done, paint one more coat of modge podge on the box.

All Done!

Optional: Add a monogram onto basket. I hot glued the E onto the box so it would hold better. My son decided he wanted his letter E painted navy blue.

I made one for my daughter and added her monogram to her basket as well! I like how personalized these are and how easy this craft is for kids to do.

You can add some paper grass & eggs and you are all ready for Easter. After Easter is over- use the baskets to store your kid's favorite things, books or art supplies! 

Any craft that is functional.. is awesome in my book! 

Here are more Easter craft ideas:

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09 April 2014

Freshly Picked + Ready For Spring Giveaway!

Today I am giving away everything you need for spring! From spring cleaning to spring fashions to getting fit for spring..this giveaway is for YOU!!!
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Infinity Scarf from Free Time Frolics
Mocs from Freshly Picked
4 BottleBands for you and your friends

One winner gets it all! Enter using Rafflecopter below! Open to U.S. Residents only. Giveaway ends April 15th! Fingers crossed!

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04 April 2014

Kids Piano Makeover- Tutorial

I'm excited to share this upcycle project!! I shared it on Uncommon Designs last month.

When I was little, my sisters and I had a kids piano we would play. Why we ever got rid of that thing is beyond me. But I've  always been on the lookout for a piano for my kids. Well, I found one and gave it a makeover!

I found this piano for $5 and I couldn't pass it up! I knew that a piano makeover would have to happen. I like Barbie..but not this much haha!

We already have a ton of pink in our house and since my daughter and son will both be playing with this, I decided to paint it Navy. Navy is one of my favorite.  I love how classic it looks and it doesn't even look like a kids toy piano anymore!

Here's what you will need:

kids piano

Navy Spray Paint- Krylon Color Master Spray Paint in Navy Blue

Silver Metallic Spray Paint- Krylon Color Master Metallic Spray Paint in Silver

Primer- I used gray

Painters tape

Paint Brush

Bow (optional)

1. First, clean the piano as best you can. This piano was dirty on the keys and there were stickers stuck to it. I used a heavy duty cleaner called Sol-U-Mel and an x acto knife to get the stickers off.

2. Spray your piano with primer. Gray primer is what I used but any primer would work. Let dry.

3. Now for the navy paint! I painted 2 coats on the piano and stool- allowing time for the piano to dry in-between each coat. Don't forget to cover the keys so you don't spray them!

4. The tricky part is painting between the keys. I taped it off with tape and used a paint brush to get in between the small spaces.

5. I wanted to add a little detail on the top of the piano. I painted the top with the silver spray paint. Once it is dry, tape off your rectangle. Spray the top with navy paint.

6. One dry, peel off tape.  And ta-da! Your done!

I seriously love how it turned out!! I suggest allowing 1-2 days for paint to dry thoroughly.

My kids love playing it.

I had a little fun styling the piano.. Can you tell? ;)

What a difference some new paint makes!! 

Have you entered this fun givaway? 3 prizes..1 Winner! Enter HERE.. Only one day left!

31 March 2014

Baby Wingz Giveaway (CLOSED)

I have a fun giveaway for you today! I'm always looking for new baby/ toddler items for my daughter. Baby Wingz has cute and unique items and I'm excited to have a giveaway for you to win some items!

Baby Wingz is a family owned business and was established to help provide your baby will all their fashion needs. 

How darling is she?! I sure love those leggings!!

If you have kids of your own, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, friends with kiddos-- then you need to check out what Baby Wingz has to offer. Only $5 shipping, and any orders over $50 is free! 

Here are a few favorites that would also make great gifts:

There are even some great items for boys:

Want to win some Baby Wingz items?! You can win these 3 items- a $47 value!

1 winner will win ALL 3 items:
1- Fleur De Baby Headband Purple Dot 
2- Glam Baby Lavender/White Chevron Leg Warmers (fits 0-12 months)
3- Sweet Petite Headband Lavender

I got together with a some great bloggers for this giveaway and I hope you check them out as well:

Enter here to win! Giveaway will end at midnight on Saturday, 4/5. Open to US/ Canada Residents only.
Good luck!

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29 March 2014

Contributor post at Uncommon Designs!

I hope you are having an awesome weekend so far! 

I'm over at Uncommon Designs today sharing these cute DIY Quilted Baskets with scrapbook paper! They are super easy and you can see more at here :) 

I'm really sad this is my last contributor post. Trish and Bonnie are incredibly talented ladies and I've enjoyed getting to know them better. I hope you check out their blog! 
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