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Beauty and the Beast Bingo Game (Free Printable)

Are you so excited for the new Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast Movie to come out?! We can't wait to see it. I loved watching Disney's Beauty and the Beast as a little girl, and a live action version is such a dream come true!

Disney's Beauty and the Beast Bingo Game!

I wanted to make a fun Beauty and the Beast Bingo Game to play at parties, schools or with your family! I know my kids and I will have a blast playing this together. Who's your favorite character from the movie? I love Mrs. Potts and Belle, of course!

Download the file, print and cut out the game pieces to make your very own bingo cards. This is such a fun thing for kids and get the whole family involved! Also a fun game to play at Birthday parties, school and your family!

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Mickey and Minnie Mouse Printable Valentines

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Valentines are so fun for me to make for my kiddos each year. I already shared these cute mustache valentines this year, but for my daughter's preschool class I knew a Disney valentine would be a hit! We are big Disney fans (as I'm sure you can tell by now), and I wanted to share these fun Mickey and Minnie Valentines with you!

The best thing about these printable valentines is you can use any treat with them. Heart shaped suckers like we did or you could really make them non-candy valentine as well with these fun Disney stamps, bubbles, or Mickey Mouse stickers

These Mickey and Minnie Mouse Valentines will be a hit in any class or party! My daughter can't wait to give them to her friends next month! 

You will need:
-Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse Valentine
-Glue gun (I love this one!) and hot glue sticks
-Washi Tap

1. Download and print the valentine on cardstock.
2. Glue or use washi tape to attach your gift to the printable. You can use either glue or washi tape- depending on what item you are giving with the valentine. We hot glued the suckers to the valentine since they are protected by the wrapper.

These Mickey and Minnie Mouse valentines are so fun for any Disney lovers! 


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Mustache Valentine Printables

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I found these cute mustache whistles and knew they would be so fun for my kids Valentine's this year! I am always on the lookout for cute and unique valentine ideas for my kiddos. Even my daughter can't wait to give these out to her little friends in preschool :)

It's always nice when I can find a valentine idea for both girls and boys! Bonus when they are Non-Candy Valentines too.

I whipped up these cute "Friend, You are FanSTACHEtic" Valentines and I know the kids will have so much fun with the whistles, hopefully their teachers won't be mad at me by the end of the day(haha).

There are two versions- primary colors and a pink and purple version too :)

There are so many fun mustache ideas out there! Here are some fun ones we found:

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Free Hot Cocoa Sign Printable

The holidays aren't the same without hot cocoa! We have family coming into town this Christmas and I wanted to make our little cocoa station a little more festive with a Christmas blend hot cocoa print.  I designed this cute print to look a little bit like it was on wood- but simply print & put into a frame!

I found this 2-tiered stand at World Market early this year and thought it was the perfect little stand for our mugs and hot chocolate fixings! Throughout the month I will add other little yummy treats such as- chocolate chips, candy canes, sprinkles, etc. 

Hot cocoa stations & bars are so fun but if your kiddos are anything like mine.. the marshmallows and candy canes will not last long :) 

Light the World through serving one another - #LIGHTtheWORLD

Mormon.org is launching the #LIGHTtheWORLD project on December 1st. I'm so excited about this project. I think it will be a great way for families, communities and friends to come together and help one another. December 1st will begin a world wide day of service and ending on the 25th of December. Each day there will be a different video and ways we can share the light of Christ through service.

Day 15 is Jesus Worshipped through song and so can you. Music has always been a big part of my life. My mother played piano and taught my sisters and I growing up. I sang in choir for school, church and we had many many recitals and performances. What I remember most of my childhood is the way music made me feel and how uplifting music really speaks to me.  It brings me peace. We can help one another by sharing uplifting music on social media, inviting friends to Church to sing hmyns and worship god. Sharing our talents if you play a musical instrument or sing. Singing in a local choir or at an assisted living.

Now that my children are a little bit older, they have asked to help serve and I love that they have that desire. My son asked if he could donate some of his money to a homeless shelter so we will be calling to see what kinds of things we can buy and take to them. For more ideas, go to justserve.org and find where you can help in your community. We will be doing service as a family such as random acts of kindness to friends and strangers. There are so many things we do do to help one another.

I created this printable so you can hang it in your home to help remind us that we can be a light and help those around us.

All R & R Workshop prints are for personal use only.

I hope you will join us this holiday season in serving one another and lifting one another's burdens. Let's #LIGHTtheWORLD this Christmas season.

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