Bow Christmas Tree Garland (Tutorial)

First Christmas post of the year! Are you ready for Christmas posts yet? :)

I love bows and wanted to do something fun and different to our tree this year. Do you remember my bow garland from last year? That was one of my very first projects I posted about my daughter's nursery and still my favorite! Of course, this garland is much larger. I will be sharing about our Black, White, Mint & Gold tree over the next few weeks. But first here is how you can make the Bow Christmas Tree Garland:

You will need-

Fabric or ribbon (my garland is about 20 feet long)
ribbon (to sew bows to)
glue gun & glue sticks

1. Decide your color theme and by coordinating fabrics or ribbon. I am going with black and white this year so thats the fabric I chose.

2. Cut your fabric into strips. They can be varying sizes or all the same size. Its up to you how big you want the bows to be.

3. Tie all your bows! I love doing this while watching a favorite show or movie. Sidenote: Do you watch the Goldbergs? It's the best show on t.v. right now and so funny! 

4. Glue the bows onto your ribbon. Now depending on how big or small your tree is, you may have to add more ribbon or bows.

I will be adding some more ornaments once I get all of my christmas bins out, but I kind of like this simple, less busy look.

Have you started decorating for the Holidays?  Over 35 of your favorite bloggers have come together to share their fun and festive ideas.  From Ornaments to Tree Skirts,  you are sure to be inspired by all of these amazing homemade ideas to Trim the Tree!

Trim the Tree this Christmas with more than 35 ideas to inspire from your favorite bloggers! #trimthetree

Hope you check them all out!! :)

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Hunger Games 8x10 Print (free printable)

I love the Hunger Games! I wasn't a big fan of Twilight and actually never was into a whole series before..until I read the Hunger Games. I get excited for the movies and seeing everything in real life- and so far its everything I imagined when I read the books. I can't wait to see Mockingjay Part 1 in a couple weeks! 

I'm excited to be part of the Happy Hunger Games Series at Rae Gun Ramblings! Marissa's blog is so fun so I hope you check it out and see all the other posts in the series as well!

I wanted to share a chalkboard print that you can print and hang up in your home or use for a party!
President Snow says this quote to Seneca in the first book. 

Download the 8x10 print Here.  (All R & R Workshop printables are for personal use only.)

I hope you enjoy the printable! 
And I hope you get to see Mockingjay Part 1 on November 21st! 

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Kids Thanksgiving Coloring Page (Free Printable)

I'm so excited that its November! Even though October flew by and Christmas is coming soon! 
I wanted to really focus on Thanksgiving with our family before we jump right in to Christmas. In some ways, I'm happy that Thanksgiving falls at the end of the month this year.  That way we can have the whole month to reflect on this great holiday.

We won't have a kids table and I know my kids will be a little antsy waiting for food to finish cooking, so I made this printable. They can color and think about what they are grateful for. My 6 year old is in kindergarten. I can't wait to see what he writes.  

Now that my kids are 6 and 3, Thanksgiving is a little more special. I love having them participate and talk about what they are grateful for. Since we wont be with our extended family this year, it will be just the 4 of us. And as sad as I am to not be surrounded with grandparents, cousins, siblings and parents... I'm hoping we can make the most of this wonderful holiday with just us. 

You can download the printable here. (Please print for personal use only.)

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