Salt Lake Temple Coloring Page (Free Printable)

I wanted to have a temple coloring page for my kids to color during general conference. The temple is 5 minutes from our house and I love that every time we pass it when we drive by, my kids ask questions and we can talk about it. We have visited the Salt Lake temple multiple times and each time we go, there is such a wonderful feeling. Even on the temple grounds and walking around you can feel it. Its amazing all that time and effort that was put in to build it many, many years ago. 

You can download and print this coloring page HERE

Temple graphic from Find more temples coloring pages at

General Conference Tic Tac Toe Game (Free Printable)

General Conference is this weekend! If you aren't familiar with what General Conference is, you can find out more HERE. Every 6 months, our church one weekend we hear from The Phrophet of our church and other leaders. We learn and seek guidness to answer we might have. It's a wonderful and spiritual weekend.

Watching conference with little kids can be hard but there are so many great printables out there! I created this fun Tic Tac Toe Game Board and Game pieces to play!

Sometimes I need to pull out a fun activity to do during conference for my kids that need to get wiggles out. This is something that we can play quietly while we listen or watch the speakers. Or to  play it before or after conference too.  I will be laminating our set so we can use it every Sunday throughout the whole year! 

To get the download, click HERE. You will be able to print the game board and the game pieces (with a few extra in case they get lost.) 

All R & R Workshop printables are for personal use only.

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Have Courage and Be Kind- 8x10 Print

Have you seen the new Cinderella? I took my sweet 3 year old daughter to see it and we both loved it! The costumes, the acting, the cinematography was beautiful. She and I both gasped when we saw the carriage come to life. I was surprised she would sit through the whole movie but we both laughed and giggled and even clapped at the end. She wore her Cinderella dress that she wore for Halloween this year and it was adorable to see her dance around in her dress.

Lily James was magnificent as Cinderella. I loved that there were new things but also a lot of things the same as the animated version.

This quote that Ella's mother tells her stuck out to me:


Painted Mason Jar Ideas

I'm sure by now you know my love for Mason Jars! I love all the different ways you can use them, paint them, decorate them for parties, etc.

Well I recently created a Painted Mason Jar Ideas Board on Hometalk! Hometalk is a little like Pinterest but for Home and Garden projects. Submit your posts (you don't have to have a blog to do so) and create boards for your favorite things. If you have questions about how to build something, decorate, can ask the hometalk community.

I collected 20 of my favorite Painted Mason Jars Ideas in my board. To see all the sources for these  go to my board here.

You can follow me on Hometalk as well!

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