R & R Workshop: DIY Framed Monogram

DIY Framed Monogram

I was trying to find a cute way to display A's initials in her room. I had a few letters and a couple extra frames so I decided to only go with her first initial, A. It was super simple and fun to make!

You will need:
--Any letter that you would like
--Paper or fabric- plain or patterned would be cute!
--Wood glue or modge podge
--  fabric, ribbon, tulle, orany extras to add to your letter

3 easy steps:
1. Cut paper to fit size of frame. Remove glass and replace with paper.
2. Embellish letter whoever you would like or leave plain.- I used coordinating fabric
on the A to match Ainsley's room.
3. Glue letter to frame.

Cute and easy craft :)


Camille said...

I love this! I also love that you left the frame it's original color! I always find cute frames like that at thrift stores and immediately pull out the spray paint and paint it either white or a fun color. But now I am tempted to leave some of them, especially with a pretty antique color like this one.

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