R & R Workshop: Conversation Heart Mad Lib

Conversation Heart Mad Lib

My son recently started Pre-K and learns a new letter each week. I bought some conversation hearts because that's what you do for Valentine's Day. Of course when we got home he wanted to eat some! 

I've been wanting to do a fun craft with him and thought it would be fun to make a Conversation Heart Mad Lib! We opened the package and he would look at the heart and tell me the letters. 

Here's what you'll you need:
//Paper. I used Valentine scrapbook paper
//Sweethearts or any brand of conversation hearts
//Pen or marker
//Stickers (optional)

1. Cut strips of paper
2. You can do this two different ways: Pre-write your message and fill in the blanks with the hearts you choose


You can make a game of it! Put all your hearts in a pile and make up a sentence that goes along with the message on that heart. We laughed when Ethan's heart was boogie! So we chose to go with "Let's boogie!" 

Ethan made a few for daddy for Valentines Day. You can make some for friends, family, teachers or just for fun! So easy and simple.

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s.K said...

Love this idea! They turned out so cute...stopping by from the Southern Lovely Linkup :)

Monica Pruett said...

Awww! These are adorable.
Thanks for linking up at Family Fun Friday at Happy and Blessed Home!

In His Grip,

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