R & R Workshop: Liebster Blog Award!

Liebster Blog Award!

 I was nominated for a Liebster Award!! I'm really excited and honored! 
My blog is a only a month old! I honestly have learned so much in the past month and met wonderful people. Cant wait for more months and years ahead! :)

So what is a Liebster blog Award?
Its an award given to new blogs or less then 200 followers so you can get to know more about the bloggers. Such a great idea! I was nominated by Andie at Maybe I will. Go check out her super fun blog! 

Something I found out is Liebster means "favorite". So "favorite blog award" is what it means!
The Rules of Liebster Award are- #1: You need to provide 11 Random Facts about yourself  #2 Answer the 11 questions asked by the the person who nominated you  #3 You get to nominate 11 other blogs that you feel are deserving of this prestigious award!! I dont know very many new blogs so i didnt have 11..but ones I have nominated are awesome!

11 Facts about me:
1. I'm the oldest of 4 girls but I'm the shortest. People usually think my sister that is 11 months younger then me is older because she's taller. 
2. I've played the piano since I was 6. 
3. I can't whistle or snap my fingers. Seriously I cant.
4. I like to clean my house before we leave to go anywhere(atleast pick up toys, etc.). I love coming home to a clean home! Now my bedroom..that is a different story. It can be a complete mess but if everywhere is clean then I'm fine. Not sure what that means? haha
5. I love Chicken Noodle soup. Any restaurant I would go to as a little girl with my family, I would order grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup. Dennys had the best.
6. I talk too much sometimes. And ask a lot of questions. Yes, those who know me were annoyed i'm sure...but I've come to learn.. I have no shame in asking any one questions until it makes sense. 
7. I've had a family blog since the year my husband and I were married! For six years I've been keeping a blog of our family. I love it!
8. I met my husband before his mission for our church. He left for two years- I dated other guys, went to BYU-Idaho, and when he got home decided we shouldn't date. Long story short.. we dated 6 months later, got engaged and then married. I'm sure I will share my side and his side of the story at some point!  
9. Cleaning is therapeutic to me. I have lots of ideas and decisions made while I am washing dishes(by hand!) each day. 
10.  I'm so grateful to a mom that taught me to always be happy and think of the positive when I was growing up. Sometimes I don't like it..but I know I've been able to get through many trials because of the positive outlook she taught me to have.
11. Disneyland is one my favorite places. Almost every family vacation was to Disneyland and DisneyWorld. Many many memories with my family were made there. and i cant wait to take my little family there soon!

Questions from Andie:

1. What Inspired you to start blogging? I've always been creating things and after a year of thinking about it..decided now is the time do it! If I don't have a deadline for projects..they don't get done. So this helps me get things done I have planned as well :)
2. What is your favorite go to accessory? Headbands! 
3. What is your favorite workout song? I don't have a favorite song, just anything upbeat
4. Favorite book of all time? "The Help" blew me away. I loved it and seriously felt like I lost 3 friends when I was finished with it.
5. If you won the lottery what would be your first purchase? A Yacht to take all my family and extended family on vacation together.
6. What one word would describe you best? Outgoing
7. Favorite TV Show? Parenthood. and Boy Meets World-  Did you hear they are coming out with a new show staring Corey and Topanga's teenage daughter?! Im so excited!
8. If you could be any celebrity who would you be and why? Rachel Zoe. First, her name is awesome :) but I love her job and the people she gets to meet.
9. Who is your biggest celebrity crush? Christan Bale. I have loved him since watching him in Little Women!
10. What is your favorite time of day? bedtime with my kids. Not because they are going to bed but we have some very special moments during story time, singing, and prayers. Its a great end to the day.
11. Early Riser or Night Owl? Night Owl for sure! We got to bed at midnight. And everyday I try to tell myself to go to bed earlier..but I get a second wind and stay up late! 

Blogs I Nominate:
Katie at Tied Ribbon
Megan at Crafters Club
Shauna from The Best Blog Recipes

And my questions for you ladies:
1. Favorite type of dessert:
2. What do you love most about blogging:
3. If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?
4. What is your most embarrassing moment:
5. If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be?
6. What is your dream job?
7. Disneyland or DisneyWorld?
8. What is the last song that got stuck in your head for days?
9. If you won a shopping spree to anywhere..where would you spend it?
10. how many siblings do you have?
11. Do you have a hidden talent?

Congrats!! And cant wait to see your answers :)


Andie Thueson said...

So fun! Glad to get to know you a bit better!!! :)

Shauna Smart said...

Thanks for nominating me for this award Rachel!!! I loved reading all of the questions and your answers! It's so much fun getting to know my blog friends better!

I've been nominated a couple of times now and I've got a post up on my blog with questions and people I've nominated too if you want to check it out.

Hope you have a fantastic rest of your weekend!

The Best Blog Recipes
Ready 2 Lose Weight

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