R & R Workshop: DIY Striped Sun hat

DIY Striped Sun hat

I'm not one to wear hats, but we are going to the beach next month and really wanted a floppy hat to wear! So many cute striped hats out there, but a lot I've seen have been $20 or more. So I found a sun hat for $7 and bought a bottle of white paint and bam.. DIY Striped Sun hat for $8.

You will need:
//A sun hat (I've found mine at wal-mart, 
         but Target or Ross should have them too!)
//Paint Brush
//Fabric for bow(optional)
//safety pin

-I chose to paint my hat white but there are lots of colors you could paint it! Black is always classic. (I almost painted it green..but I wanted something that would go with anything I wear). I
-You can choose to tape off your stripes or paint free-handed. I decided to painted the stripes free-hand. Honestly, its going to be on my head so I wasn't too worried about messing up.
-To add some color, I added a mint green bow! Cut some fabric and make a bow.
-Use the safety pin to pin the bow to your hat.

 I love that I can change the bow anytime I want or have no bow on it at all.

This is my cute sister who was nice enough to model the hat so I could get some pictures of it! 

So do you think you will
 make one? I would love to know if you do :)


Ginger Bergemann said...

It's beautiful. I have one of these for gardening, but I LOVE the addition of the stripes.

If you'd like, I'd love if you shared this at my link party this week. http://www.gingerlymade.com/2013/07/show-tell-36.html

Anna said...

Gorgeous !

Amy Graham said...

You'll look so classy! :)

Betty Taylor said...

You cute!! I love the ribbon on it.


Amber Koogler said...

This is such a good idea! I have a white hat I have NEVER worn, but maybe I just need to make it more ME! You're my pick for features this week at Give Me The Goods! Come grab your button!
Amber@ Dimples & Pig Tales

Sowpath das said...

nice post

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