R & R Workshop: Personalized Trick or Treat Bags (Picmonkey.com Tutorial)

Personalized Trick or Treat Bags (Picmonkey.com Tutorial)

Hope your having a great weekend! Recently, I shared these cute Trick Or Treat bags on Shutterfly that I made using their reusable shopping bags:

 I loved trick or treating as a kid, but I'm not a fan of the big buckets. Where do you store them for the rest of the year?  I love bags because they can fold right up and go with all my other fall/Halloween decorations when the holiday is over.

I used Picmonkey.com to design these and here is my tutorial of how you can too :) 

1. Go to picmonkey.com 

2.Now if you have a background you already want to use, then you can skip this part. But if you would like just a solid white background, save this white background on your computer.

3. Now go back to the main page, click edit photo and upload your blank image: 

4. Now your ready to go! Picmonkey has so many free options to choose from. The fun thing is you can create whatever you want- just play around and see what you come up with!

To make stripes, click on overlays and pick the rectangle. Change the size and color to whatever you would like your stripe to be. Right click on the stripe and scroll down to"duplicate overlay". This way you wont have to try and figure out if your stripes match up or not. Press duplicate overlay as many times you want to get as many stripes as you need.

Once you have all your stripes, click on the apple symbol - these are new fonts, overlays and pictures. They change for each season or holiday. I chose the Trick or Treat category  lots of fun garlands, classic Halloween pictures and fonts. I chose a bat and a pumpkin. You can change these to any color you would like, I chose black. Another thing I added were these fun cartoon balloons with fun sayings. 

Now add your text. I want to add Happy Halloween- so let's go to fonts. The font I chose was called "Eater". haha. Change your font to any color you want and make it as big as you want. My kids have their names on their pages, which makes them a little more personal. Now save it to your computer.

Not only can you use this technique to make a cute Halloween print, cards or more! 

My kids sure love their bags personalized bags and we can't wait for Halloween to come!
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Angell said...

Hi, I'm trying to sign up to receive your posts in my email, however when I click on the RSS feed pic, it doesn't do anything.

Just letting ya know :)

Felecia Cofield said...

Hi Rachel! Who knew you can do so much with Picmonkey! Thanks for the tutorial! I'm having a 'duh' moment! How do you get the images onto the bag? Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

Claire Hartburn said...

Great project !!

I would love you to come and share @ Craft, Create & Inspire linky party !!!

Look forward to seeing you there :)


Claire x

caseperlatesta said...

Great idea & tutorial!

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