R & R Workshop: Glitter Doll Bed Tutorial

Glitter Doll Bed Tutorial

My daughter just turned 2 and loves dolls. This doll bed is the perfect gift idea if you have a little girl at your house! You can't beat the price and it is so sturdy. I like that it can fit any size doll up to 18 inches. You can also be creative and decorate it anyway you want. I chose to keep the bed a simple white and add a little glitter to add a little fun :)

 Here's what you will need:
//Paint Paint and brush
//Glue gun
//1/2 yard ruffle edging (You can by this by the yard in the sewing section)
// fine glitter
// Modge Podge
// Spray Adhesive

1. Paint the bed. I chose white because we already have way to much pink in our house ;) Allow to dry overnight.

2. If you choose, you can add glitter. I used white so it just adds a tiny bit of sparkle. Paint modge podge onto the parts of the bed you want glitter, and then sprinkle glitter. Allow to dry. Really hard to see in the pictures but it's there :)

3. Spray the adhesive over glitter and let dry. It may be tacky for a day but just allow to fully dry.

4. Cut the ruffle edging to fit the bed. Hot glue onto each side of the bed. Allow to dry.

 5. Add a doll blanket and your all set!

My daughter won't get this bed until Christmas and I can't wait to see the look on her face!


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