R & R Workshop: R & R Workshop 1st Blogiversary: Reflecting on the past year.

R & R Workshop 1st Blogiversary: Reflecting on the past year.

Wow! I cant believe this week is finally here. One year ago I started this blog with hopes of sharing things I make and what I am inspired by. I didn't have any idea what to expect just that I felt this is something I needed and wanted to do. I'm grateful for what I've learned and wanted to share my experiences.

Lets take a look back over the year:

//It all started when I had my dear friend, Ainsley, design my blog. I knew I wanted R & R Workshop to look legit from the start and there is no other person who could design it then Ainsley. We spent countless hours on the phone, emailing, texting, ideas for this site. I love how it turned out!! Her site is Designs by Ainsley and I hope you visit it. She is so talented.

//I hosted my first giveaway! Urban Peach Boutique is one of my favorite places to shop and they were so kind to do a giveaway (even though I was a newbie!). I had a blogger tell me that I really shouldn't do giveaways until my blog was more established. Well, I'm glad I did the giveaway anyway. I learned a lot! My hubby bought me a few necklaces for Christmas and I dont think you can ever have enough jewelry :)
SHHH...Want to know a little secret? You might get another chance to win something from them at R & R Workshop's year mark tomorrow ;)

//I've been honored to work with some great companies this year.. Poppyseed Projects, Shutterfly, and the Ribbon Retreat. I've learned so much from each company and it has been a pleasure to work with them. I've share some fun projects on their blogs as well including Doll Bed (Poppy Seed Projects, Photo Canvas Wall Art (Shutterfly),  DIY Striped Ribbon Lampshade (Ribbon Retreat).

//Don't forget Polka Dot Week! One of my favorite weeks on my blog and something I will continue do each year. The Polka Dot & Burlap Bunting was so fun to make and way easier then it looks. The Polka Dot Tricycle Makeover is still a favorite at our house. The Polka Dot Lampshade has since had a makeover.. but I will always love this lamp and the cuteness it added to my daughter's room. 

//Guest Posting was something that did each month. I love the challenge of having a deadline for my post and some of my best projects happened because of that deadline! haha. I also love getting to know each blogger better and have since enjoyed keeping in touch with each of them. 
Some guest post/series I was part of were at Ginger Snap Crafts

//The blogging community is amazing. Even as a new blogger, I felt welcomed. I emailed Kim (from A girl and a glue gun) with some questions and she was so kind to respond and be patience with some of my newbie questions. I was able to meet her in person in October and that it was so fun! Kelly (from a Smart School House) was one the first bloggers I talked to when she sent me a sweet message. For polka dot week, I featured some polka dot projects around the web and I included Lauren's ( of A Thinking Closet) cute handbag and we have kept in touch since! EmilyMckenzie, AdrienneAmber, Lisa, Shatzi, BeccaAndie & Ashley are part of an Idaho Bloggers Group I'm in and I've enjoyed visiting with them and getting to know them better.

Tomorrow is the "official day" R & R Workshop started.. so come back for a fun giveaway! You wont want to miss it!


Kimberly Elliott said...

Congratulations on your first year. I don't think that any of us ever truly know where this journey will take us. And it's wonderful that you've had so many great experiences and made so many friends in one year. Good luck in the future. I'll stay tuned to see all that you have to share.

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