R & R Workshop: DIY Pom Pom Hair Clips (Tutorial)

DIY Pom Pom Hair Clips (Tutorial)

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I love DIY projects. Especially when I see something I like and I know I can make it myself...instead of buying it!

One day on a trip to my favorite store- Target (do you love Target too?!), I saw some cute pom pom hair clips. I had a bag of pom poms at home home and I knew what project I would be working on that night!

These pom pom hair clips were easy to make and I found the pom poms at the dollar store. I couldn't justify spending $5 on three clips I saw at Target, when I could make twenty of them for a couple dollars! I love pom moms since you can use them for everything!

Here is what you will need:
-Pom Poms- love this pack of 200! 
-Glue Gun 

1. Cover your hair clip with ribbon and glue in place. You can use the same color ribbon as the pom pom or mix it up! Totally up to you. I cut a small piece to put inside the clip as well.

2. Put Glue onto a pom pom and glue to hair clip. Open the hair clip so the glue doesn't stick to the inside. Let Dry.

3. That's it! So simple and only takes 5 minutes!

I love how simple and cute these pom pom hair clips are! Sometimes you need something different then the typical hair bow.

My daughter has been wearing the hair clips in her hair and we love them! (Don't mind the sucker- only thing that would get her to stand still for a minute so I could snap a picture!)


Pat C. said...

How adorable--both the clippies and your sweet daughter! You could even pick up some of the smaller pom poms and glue three of them to a clip--either all the same color, or different shades of the same color (hello, ombre!), or seasonal/holiday colors.: )

I loved your pic of the Target display!: ) xoxo

Sonnet said...

I bought these at target and knew that I wanted to make my own. Thanks for sharing this tutorial and your daughter is soooo stinkin cute! I would love it if you linked up at our Link It Or Lump It Link Party http://www.sohosonnet.com/link-it-or-lump-it/link-it-or-lump-it-link-party-28/

Angie Church said...

what a super cute post the clips are super cute but your daughter is beautifully precious
come see what we shared at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

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