R & R Workshop: Happy Monday!

Happy Monday!

I hope your weekend was wonderful! I'm so grateful for my savior, Jesus Christ and all he did for me and for all of us. For FHE this week, (you can find more about that here), we taught the kids about the resurrection with a short lesson and made resurrection rolls. My kids were shocked to see the marshmallow melt in the rolls! They were easy to make and really yummy! Plus anything visual with kids is helpful haha.

We had my grandparents in town to visit and I loved making memories with them. I have so many memories visiting my grandparents as a little girl and having them here on Easter weekend was so special to me. My kids loved spending time with them and they are already missed! Here are my cuties before church:

Cant wait to share my next diy project with you this week! :)


Scoo said...

You have such lovely children! God Bless them!

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