R & R Workshop: Painted Burlap Goodie Bags- Teacher Gift Idea

Painted Burlap Goodie Bags- Teacher Gift Idea

My son's Pre-K class ended last week and I needed to put something together for his teacher. With school ending in May it seemed so early to me. Being from Washington State we usually would go through June!

I found these bags in the dollar section at Target a few months ago. I bought a few because I knew there was a project waiting to happen! I painted them and we added cookies and a note to his teacher. Super simple, but personal.

You will need: Paint, paint brush, burlap bags.

I decorated these free hand and I was all prepared to add pictures of how to paint them. But I lost them. And since  I took all these photos with my new camera..they will have to do.  ;)

Stripes and polka dots is what I went with. Pretty simple, I would just suggested putting a piece of paper or cardboard inside so the paint doesn't bleed through to the other side. Let dry and you have a cute gift bag!!

Some more ideas to fill your gift bag are gift cards, chocolate, or a small gift!

Something you could also do is get your kids involved and let them paint them! They will have a lot of fun making something for their teacher.


Amy @ Swag On, Momma! said...

Cute idea, I love simple gift options, cause I suck at gift giving!

Everyday Art said...

Cute idea. Love the extra little touch of hand-painted bags for your cookies. :) And the possibilities for designs and colors are endless!

Kathleen said...

So cute and easy. I love that. My kids are all graduated, but my grandson is in school for one more week still. He seems excited to get out though. I will show this to his mom in case she needs a gift for his teacher. Kathleen @ Fearlessly Creative Mammas

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