R & R Workshop: Kid's 4th of July bike parade and flag printable!

Kid's 4th of July bike parade and flag printable!

I wanted to do something fun with my  kids and teach them a little bit about Independence day. It was so fun coloring our own flags!

You will need:
Free printable (download here)
color crayons or markers
popsicle sticks

We spent one morning coloring our flags and talking a little bit about the American flag and flags from other countries. I wasn't so concerned about them only using red and blue colors. They wanted to use all the colors :) It was fun to be able to talk about flags all over the country and how each our different.

Attach a popsicle stick to the back using tape and wave your flag proudly. :)

A fun 4th of July craft idea. Simple and easy.. my favorite kind of craft! 

How about a 4th of July bike parade?!

We decorated the bikes with ribbon, glitter sticks and star garland we found at the craft store. 
Ainsley's polka dot tricycle fit in perfectly! :)

Download the Flag coloring page here. (writing will not be on the printable!)
Please use the printable for personal use only.

These little flags turned out so fun and we can't wait to wave them at the 4th of July parade!

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These are so fun and cute, Rachel!

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