R & R Workshop: Colored Chore Chart for Kids- Free Printables!

Colored Chore Chart for Kids- Free Printables!

I love that line from Mary Poppins.. With every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. And snap, the jobs a game! Chores are becoming a big thing at our house. My son has had a few jobs to do each day for the past year, but not everything was done each day. Mostly just unloading the dishwasher, and the basics like cleaning up toys and brushing teeth. So this chart was much needed!!

He will be starting Kindergarten this year and I must admit.. I'm ready for the fall and for some structure in our day. I love summertime, but there is just something about a schedule.  I bought a huge magnet board from a friend and I knew this project would be perfect for it!

Our house isn't the biggest, but it's a house and we love it. Our kids are free to roam the house and play (except for our bedroom of course.) That means messes from popcorn we were eating while watching a movie or from our picnic lunch on a blanket. Or toys everywhere. But that also means they are old enough to help clean and pick-up the house right along with mom and dad. Jobs need to be completed before going to a friends house or playing the wii, watching tv, etc. Those things are privileges and need to be earned.

I printed and laminated the chore cards and then cut them out. These are just the basic things for him to help with each day and learn to do on his own. I'm not sure how homework will work since he isn only in kindergarten, but it will also pertain to reading books or doing workbooks that we have at home. If there are more chores to be done, they will certainly be added by mom :)

Oh and see that mom's choice card? Mom gets to pick that chore or chores that day. Maybe it will be vacuuming one day and dusting the next. And if mom isn't home.. then its dads choice of course.

My son helped me put the magnets on the back. It was a great time to talk about the chore chart with him. He was surprisingly excited for it!

Each chore card can be lined up underneath its corresponding color block. Just a different way to see what jobs are done! 

Chore Chart Printables are here.
All R & R Workshop printables are for personal use only.

We love the chart and will be adding some more chores and making another set for his sister as well. I hope this chart will help make your life a little more organized like it did for mine! 


Sarah Vanderkooy said...

Great idea, I like the images and color matching. My 3 year old could get into this. She loves to help, why not put a little structure behind it. Thanks for such a great idea.

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