R & R Workshop: LDS Prints- Confetti Dot Temple Print & Mission Print

LDS Prints- Confetti Dot Temple Print & Mission Print

I've had many people ask me about the prints in the my kids room, that I thought I would share them today!

I love this confetti print! I knew I wanted a picture of the lds temple in the kids room. I thought the confetti around the temple was a cute touch to the print ;) 

I love this pink print, but you can custom order other colors as well. Purchase this 8x8 print Here

I didn't put this print on my son's wall only because it pertains to him. I just chose to put this print on his gallery wall ;) I thought the stripes and colors went more with the pieces in his mini gallery. And since I love stripes theses days.. it just made sense!

Purchase this 8x10 print from Here.

Check out the other prints at R & R Workshop Prints! 


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