R & R Workshop: "Which Way Do You Face?" Free printable

"Which Way Do You Face?" Free printable

General Conference has been so wonderful this weekend. If you aren't familiar with what LDS General Conference is, you can find out more info here. Twice a year, we get to hear from our beloved prophet and other leaders. It's a great weekend of learning, uplifting and family time. And cinnamon rolls :) Anyone can watch and I invite you to learn more about it and watch.

The Saturday sessions has always been hit or miss with us. Some years we are able to listen all day, other years we read the talks later and spend the day with family. I have come to realize the blessings there are from watching the Saturday sessions. I've received more answers to prayers during those sessions. I truly believe if we set our WHOLE weekend aside for conference, there are blessings and answers we will receive by doing so.

A few talks this October 2014 session I learned from but I particularly love this one from Elder Lynn G. Robbins. I don't normally blog on the weekends so I can spend time with family, but I really wanted to remember and share this talk. I have a spot on a wall in our home that I have wanted to put a quote one. But not just any quote. Something that meant something to me or to all of us. I haven't been thinking about it that last few weeks but after I heard this talk, I knew what quote needed to go in our home. It is a testimony to me that even in the simple things in life, my prayers are answered and heard by my Heavenly Father.

Teal 5x7 Printable here

Pink 5x7 Printable Here

What has been your favorite talk so far? I would love to hear! 
Enjoy your weekend! 

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