R & R Workshop: DIY Gift bow Headband (Kate Spade & Gap Kids Knock-off)

DIY Gift bow Headband (Kate Spade & Gap Kids Knock-off)

A few months ago, Kate Spade + Jack Spade released a fun line of children clothes at the Gap. It's all darling and most of it was sold out within minutes. I spied these cute Headbands- but the diy girl in me knew they would be simple to make!

These little bows are so nostalgic to me but for $19- that was a little more then I was willing to spend when I know I can make it. You can buy a bag of them for $1-2. Pick up a headband at the dollar store and for $3 you have a cute holiday bow headband! I used a polka dot headband I bought in a pack from Target (a zillion years ago). It's actually mine, but we share now. :) A solid color headband would be cute as well!

I wrapped the sticky part of the bow around the headband. For a more permanent bow, I would suggest adding a dab of hot glue.

And the best thing is.. you can change it up! So use a red bow or a gold one. Or purple if you want! :)

So there ya! A Really simple DIY headband for this Christmas season or anytime of the year really. And less then $3. Can't beat that! :)


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