R & R Workshop: DIY Whimsical Christmas Mantel

DIY Whimsical Christmas Mantel

I'm sharing our Whimsical Christmas Mantel today! I have some fun ideas of how you can add some whimsical touches and christmas memories to your mantel this Christmas.

How cute are these Nutcrackers?! Can you believe I found them at the dollar store? Having seen multiple performances of the Nutcracker throughout out my childhood and adult life, seeing it in Seattle performed by the Pacific Northwest Ballet with my husband 9 years ago is still a special memory. I've been wrapping presents while I listen to the music and my daughter and I have been watching the Nutcracker- can't wait to take her when she is a little older! These little nutcrackers are such a great reminder of those fun memories.

This Vintage truck and cars are my husband's grandfathers. I found cute little christmas trees dollar trees and thought I would add them into our mantel. I'm so glad I did. It means a lot to my hubby to see these reminders of his dear grandpa. Grandparents are so important in both of our lives. I have many memories of my grandparents going to their house christmas day and watching christmas movies. 

Let's talk stockings for a minute... These Pottery Barn stockings are my favorite!  I really wanted nice ones for my kids and ones that would last forever. If you are patient and can wait close to christmas, stockings at pottery barn are about $15 with free shipping & free monogramming. It was SO worth it. Thats the same price as the stockings at Walmart or Target! And these are way cuter :)

The Reindeer Stocking holders are from Porters Craft Store. I searched and searched for years and finally found these. I added red bows on my stocking holder and my daughters. 

A few fun DIY projects: This Merry Christmas Garland I made last year was the perfect touch to our mantel. I think garlands add such whimsy to any space. The red bead garland is from Target 3-4 years ago. I love it and wish I would have bought more! The paper cone trees were something I made last year. Super easy, buy some paper cones at the craft store and wrap them in scrapbook paper! The Mini Merry Bunting adding a fun touch to my christmas wreath (another great Target find 8 years ago!).

Christmas is such a magical time. The christmas stories, lights, music, christmas trees, all of it really plays a big part of making it such a special time. We love our christmas books and my kids love to curl up next to the fire and read and look at the pictures. My parents sent books last year with their voices recorded and they are such a treasure. 

To continue with the Mantel theme, I joined with 14 top bloggers in the Christmas Mantel Blog Hop!
I hope take a minute to check out these beautiful Christmas Mantels:


Emily Thompson said...

so cute!! I love it all, the little truck is adorable... although my boys would just want to play with it!! thanks for organizing!

Leanne said...

I love all the great details on your mantel. The truck is adorable and I love your garlands together.

Marie bloominghomestead said...

This is so elegant and beautiful! I love all the colors.

Liz Call said...

I love that you included something special to your husband. Those vintage vehicles are so cute on your mantel. Sometimes decorating is all about us! :)

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