R & R Workshop: DIY Striped Cork Board (Non- Permanent too!)

DIY Striped Cork Board (Non- Permanent too!)

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First post of the New Year! This one was done a few months ago, but I wanted to wait until after the holidays to post. I wanted to paint stripes on the cork board in the kids shared room. Simple enough, but I didn't want it to be permanent.

Enter.. duct tape. Love this stuff and all the colors and patterns you can now buy it in. So off to the store I went to get a roll! Came home and 10 minutes later I had a cute cork board! Ps.. this is not a sponsored post. I just really like duct tape!

Remember the kids chore chart I made? I got this cork board at the same time I got the magnet board. Both were huge which is awesome because that means I can fit more things on it. I painted the bulletin board my favorite shade of blue that I also used on my Gallery wall.

I won't do a tutorial because you can basically do this with your eyes closed. But if you are like me you want things perfect so you can measure the space between each stripe. It literally took me maybe 10 minutes.

With my son in kindergarten and both kids like to color and draw, this was a great to display their artwork. I like using upholstery tacks instead of regular tacks. I just like the way they look. 

Curtains: Walmart, Chevron laundry tote: TJMaxx, Book shelves: Ikea

My favorite little corner in the kids shared room! The striped cork board was just the pop of color and pattern that it needed. 


Everyday Art said...

Clever, clever. :) I like the stripes--it adds a lot to a cork board.

Valerie Ott said...

This added a lot to your cork board. Love it!

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