R & R Workshop: Lucky Penny Clover- Kids Craft (Free Printable)

Lucky Penny Clover- Kids Craft (Free Printable)

My son is in kindergarten and math and counting is something we are always working on. In order to come up with fun and educational craft, I made this Lucky Penny Clover Printable. A great way for him to practice counting and have a fun St. Patrick's day craft. 

We spent one afternoon counting out pennies and glueing them onto the printable. A glue stick worked great to keep the pennies on (although I do recommend printing on sturdy paper). It was also fun for him to count as he went to see how many pennies he could fit onto the clover.

To download and print the Lucky Penny Clover Printable, go here.

I made an second printable that just says "Happy St. Patrick's Day" for any little ones who want to color and be part of the fun too :) My daughter loved coloring her clover along side her brother.

Go here for the clover coloring printable.

For more St. Patrick's Day Printables,

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