R & R Workshop: DIY Polka Dot & Deer Wall Art

DIY Polka Dot & Deer Wall Art

I'm excited to share a post for Polka Dot Week! In coming up with my post, I knew I wanted a simple craft. I went to our local craft store and walked around for a bit to get some inspiration. I found a wooden deer silhouette and fell in love! I knew I had to use it in my project somehow. I first was going to paint polka dots on canvas but I found this cute piece of wood and knew it would be perfect! 

I found the board and wooden deer head and paint at a local craft store. The board was $6, the deer head was $5 and the paint was $3. I also purchased a small tube of E6000 tape so all together for this project it was $16.

You will need: 

//Wooden deer silhouette (I found mine at a local craft store)
//Wood for background
//Paint. I used Delta Ceramcoat in Sea Foam for the Deer head and 
Polka dots in Metallic Gold
//Paint Brush
//white cardstock or Paper
//E6000 Glue

1. Trace your circle onto paper. You could skip this part if you use a foam circle stamp right onto the wood. I traced 20 polka dots but you could do more or less if you would like. 

2. Paint the circles gold. I did 3 coats. The paint is fast drying so this step didn't take very long. Then cut out.

3. Paint your wooden deer piece. I used this pretty Sea Foam green. Let dry. I chose to let the wood back ground stay unpainted but you can paint it if you want.

4. Glue your deer to the middle of the board. I used e6000 glue and it worked great! Let dry overnight. 

5. Paint modge podge onto the back of the gold polka dots and place onto your board. I didn't have a pattern for this. First I laid out all of my polka dots to see where I wanted them to go. I like more of a random look, but you can do it however you would like. 

Your done! 

I love how this project turned out! This would make a great gift idea or craft for a girls night! 

Are you loving all the posts so far in Polka Dot Week? I hope you take a minute to see all the posts from the week!

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Jaime said...

That turned out great! Good idea for painting then cutting out the dots--I would have made it more complicated for sure. :)

Ash and Crafts said...

Hi there! Visiting from the From Dream to Reality link party. This is so cute! I love anything with gold polka dots!

Kristie K. said...

Stopping by from Party palooza link party. Love the idea of polka dot week. Darling stuff.

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