R & R Workshop: DIY Spring Wall Hanging from a Tea Towel!

DIY Spring Wall Hanging from a Tea Towel!

I shared this Spring Wall hanging at Giggles Galore last month! I wanted to share it here too.. 

I found this cute tea towel at TJ Maxx and couldn't pass it up. It is really long so I thought it would be perfect for a wall hanging! I will admit that the polka dots and scallop edging are what really drew me to it ;) We don't have very much spring decor, so this was the perfect little craft to add some fun spring colors into our home! 

Here is what you will need: 
//Fabric or tea towel like I used
//wooden letters
//paint and paint brush
//wooden dowel
//glue gun

1. Paint your letters! I chose spring colors: yellow, pink, blue, green and purple. Allow to dry.

2. Iron fabric if desired. Because I went with a towel, all the edges were sewn already. If you are using a piece of fabric, determine the length you want and hem the edges.

3. Hot glue letters on desired spot on your fabric. 
4. Cut two pieces of ribbon to the length you want and hot glue one piece to each end of the dowel.

5. Hang your fabric over the dowel and tie a bow with the ribbon at the length you want.

You're done! I love the fun and whimsy it adds to our home. It would also be fun to hang on your front door. 


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