R & R Workshop: Things To Do at Bear Lake, Utah

Things To Do at Bear Lake, Utah

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We just got home from a wonderful vacation to Bear Lake.  I have many memories vacationing at Bear Lake with cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles growing up and it is one of my favorite places in the whole world!

I wanted to share some of our favorite places for treats, activities and just fun things to do while you at Bear Lake (Garden City) -besides going to the lake of course! :) Some of these activities we haven't done yet, but they are definitely on our list for when we go back next year!

1. Get a Dole Whip at Zipz! 
Yep.. did you know Zipz in Bear Lake has Dole Whips?!! You don't have to to go to Disneyland to get one!! The coolest restaurant and their raspberry shakes are to die for too.

 Conestoga Ranch just opened this summer and has tents and wagons you can rent. How fun! Seriously check them out! 

3. Minnetoka Caves
Take a tour through the Minnetonka Caves! Explore this 9-room cave with a guided 90 minute tour. There are 400 steps in and out of the cave so be prepared for some walking :) There is a fee for the tour and groups of 15+ need to make a reservation two weeks in advanced. Check out the website for more info.

4. Paris Ice Caves
Located in Paris, Idaho. Bring sturdy shoes and your own headlamps or flash lights when exploring the ice caves. Find more info here.

5. Rent ATVS!
We always have a blast riding in the ATVs and I definitely want to own my own RAZR someday.

6. Raspberry Days
Garden City's Harvest of the Raspberry crops during August.  People from all over the world come to try the famous raspberries. 3 days of fun including a parade, craft booths, a rodeo and ending with fireworks! See the dates and more info here.

7. Hike the Limbar Pine Trail
View from the end of the trail. source

This 1.5 mile trail is a fun and easy trail for everyone as well as young kids! Find more info here.

9. Bloomington Lake
I've heard of this lake from a few friends of mine and I can't wait to hike to it! Located near Paris, Idaho,  trail to the lake is 0.5 miles. There is also a rope swing if you want to go in the water (apparently the water is really cold.) More info here.

9. The Pickleville Playhouse
I recently learned about this playhouse and hoping we can go to a show next time we are in town. The  Pickleville Playhouse opened in 1977 and has features new shows each year. See more at their site!

Don't forget to bring your own pool floaties for the water!  How fun are these pretzel and donut floats?! My kids would love this popsicle float!

We also always bring out huge Sport-Brella sit under! We get asked about it everywhere we go and it is a total lifesaver when my kids were younger and needed to take naps.

What is your favorite activity at Bear Lake? I would love to hear it!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Bear Lake! We have gone every summer for the past 20 years. I've never been to the Paris Ice Caves- we will try that next summer. Our family likes to go to Bloomington Lakes. It is a beautiful hike with wild flowers, lots of boy scouts on the trail, a sweet swimming hole, and a wicked rope swing. The water is ice cold in July but my teenagers loved it. My "thrill-seeker" teens jumped in the water from rock cliffs and from the rope swing. It is a beautiful spot, even if you don't get wet. The trail head is a hour drive from Laketown up Bloomington Canyon. I wouldn't go in a car because the road is rough, dusty, and narrow. A truck or SUV would be best.
Thanks for the list!

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