R & R Workshop: Back to School Traditions!

Back to School Traditions!

My son is starting 1st grade in a couple days and I wanted to find some fun traditions that we could start as a family. These are some favorite ideas I found! I would love to hear what you and your family do to kick off the school year so let me know in the comments below. :)

1. Kids Are Boss Day  | Censational Girl: I thought this was such a fun idea! A few days before school starts, pick a day and let your kids decide what to do that day. No new toys and they need to be simple activities.

2. Family Dinner | Nie Nie Dialogues: I've been reading Nie Nie Dialogues for years and this is one of the best ideas. We are going to try something like this and I can't wait to carry on this fun tradition!

3. First Day of School Sign |  R & R Workshop: This is a must for the first day of school! :)

4. Mom & Me Date: Take each child on a date just with mom. Go out for ice cream or even dinner!

5. Back to School Interview |  Petite Lemon: Print this free printable interview to do with your child on the first day of school!

6. The Talk,  First Day of School Speech | The MomasteryRead this. A wonderful idea to help teach our children about compassion.

7. First Day of School Time Capsule | The First Grade Parade: Some ideas are stamp & date handprints, measure their height and put it all in a time capsule to open the last day of school.

8. Back to School Fashion Show: Have your kids show off their fun new school clothes by doing a fashion show! I loved doing this with my sisters growing up.

9. Back to School Don't Eat Pete Game | R & R Workshop: Have a family game night! This printable Don't Eat Pete Game (Back to School Version) is such a fun game to play as a family.  A simple game perfect for elementary aged kids.


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