R & R Workshop: Favorite Star Wars Songs- Playlist (mobile friendly)

Favorite Star Wars Songs- Playlist (mobile friendly)

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I can't even begin to tell you my love for Star Wars. Growing up, I watched them multiple times with my dad and the music always stood out to me. I remember that moment when I heard Jurassic Park and put two and two together- the same composer. Now as I listen to the soundtracks of Harry Potter, Hook, etc.. I can still hear a little bit of the Star Wars themes. I will even go as far as to say that the music in Star Wars is the best of John Williams work.

I put together a playlist of favorite Star Wars songs from all the movies!
I know there are many, many great songs from the movies but these are a few favorite Star Wars Songs and most popular:

Song include:
- Main Theme from Star Wars
- The Hologram/Binary Sunset
- Battle of the Heros/ Duel of the Fates (Episode 3)
- Across the Stars (Episode 2)
- Yoda's Theme
- The Imperial March
- Han Solo and the Princess
- Rey's Theme
- The City in the Clouds
and more!

Listen below! It's mobile friendly too :)

Want to purchase the album? You can already purchase Star Wars: The Force Awakens Album or The Music of Star Wars 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition! These would make great gifts for any Star Wars Fan! I also have a Star Wars Gift Guide to help shop for those fans this Christmas or for yourself :)

Are you so excited for the new movie to come to theaters?! I am!  My son is even going as a Storm Trooper this year for Halloween! I love being able to share these movies with my kids. They have seen the first 3, but since they are young, we will probably wait on the new ones for now.

What are your favorite songs from the Star Wars movies? :)

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Sydney Andersen said...

We LOVE Star Wars and your play list is awesome! Definitely think I'll be playing this for my boys tomorrow.

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