R & R Workshop: Somewhere in my Memory- Christmas Print

Somewhere in my Memory- Christmas Print

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One of my favorite Christmas movies is Home Alone. I watched it growing up with my grandparents, cousins, sister, aunts and uncles gathered around and it will always remind me of my family being together.

The music of Home Alone  is spectacular. I've already talked a little bit about my love of John Williams, but again, Home Alone and Home Alone 2 are such fun movies- but the music really takes it to the next level. I bought the Home Alone soundtrack a few years ago and it continues to be a staple in our home to listen to at Christmas time. Now my 7 year old son loves watching the movies with us and talks about Kevin like we know him haha. :)

I love the song- Somewhere in my Memory. The words from the song I chose to make into a print are:

Somewhere in my memory
Christmas joys all around me 
Living in my memory
All of the music, all of the magic
All of the family, 
home here with me.

If you aren't familiar with the song, you can listen to the whole song here. This print would make such a wonderful gift idea for friends and family or display it in your home during the Holidays. 


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