R & R Workshop: Table Setting Ideas for Christmas

Table Setting Ideas for Christmas

I love the idea of having a fun Christmas table. Where you can add old and new pieces. I partnered with Shutterfly and made a fun Christmas table setting! 

Instead of buying napkin holders, I wanted something a little different so I chose photos gifts to show where my guests need to sit. Shutterfly has so many fun gifts you can personalize and I used key chains and ornaments. I loved the idea of something different as a napkin holder and it's a gift that your guest can keep! 

These little keychains are so cute and really great quality! Ornaments are another fun item to use as napkin rings. There were so many fun options to choose from I had a hard time picking my favorites!

I've always wanted polka dot plates but I've never found a pattern or price that I liked. Well I was able to make them and it was so easy! Shutterfly has a custom option for plates and I made my own pattern and uploaded it to the Shutterfly site. I couldn't wait to get them in the mail and use them!  I paired them with some Christmas plates I found at a thrift store and it just added a little fun to our Christmas table.

I also made these Buffalo Check Placemats. I made my own design and uploaded it to the Shutterfly site. It was so simple and easy. We have been using them everyday and they are even kid friendly. Just wipe them down when they get dirty.  We have been using these daily and I love them so much! You can dress them up or just use them for your everyday. 

Paired with the polka dot plates it just makes me smile! The best part is I will be able to use these all year round and put different pieces with it. Orange for Halloween, Red for Valentines day, etc. 

How do you like to decorate your table setting for the Holidays?

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Misty said...

Oh my! I am in love with those polka dots plates! How fun that you can make your own!

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