R & R Workshop: Darling Little Girl's Bedroom

Darling Little Girl's Bedroom

One of my goals this year is to finish my kids rooms and other rooms I have half way decorated. I usually just buy things as I go but then I end of jumping from room to room and nothing feels completed. I'm so happy to say my daughter's room is done!

She is 4 and I wanted a space she could read, play, escape from her older brother(ha) and just her only little place. I really feel this room will be able to grow with her and we wont have to be changing it for awhile (I hope!). 

We are renting and the walls are a taupe color. I really would have loved to have white walls but I just decided to roll with it and add pops of color - Pink and green. Luckily pink is one of her favorite colors so that wasn't hard to add :)

Here are some pics of her room (sources at the end):

Horses are a favorite right now, so I got her sheets at Target with horses and she has plenty of horse stuffed animals. I didn't want to only decorate with horses right now..because we all know with kids..they can like one thing one day, and another the next. So sheets will be easy to change out as she gets older.

I loved putting her gallery wall together. A few prints I made and a couple are by friends. I love finding different items to use instead of just pictures. The ballerina print is a favorite by Janet Hill Studio. I made a few scallop buntings to hang above her gallery wall and closet. They are just so whimsical! And seriously easy to make with just paper and string. 


Bed and dresser- family pieces from my husband's grandma. 

Comforter: Hand me down from A's aunts. 

Sheets: Target

Pink and white Rug: HomeGoods

Mirrors: Walmart

Blessing Dress: Carters (no longer available)

Coat Hook: Pottery Barn

Chair: Ikea

Good Morning Sunshine Canvas: Burlington Coat Factory

I'm A Child of God Print: Custom print by The Sensible Type

You Got it, Dude Print: Get the free download here

Pink scallop, metal print: Hobby Lobby

Polka Dot Treble Clef Print: Made by me

Polka Dot Letter A: HomeGoods

Scallop Buntings: Made by me


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