R & R Workshop: Full House Quotes (Free 8x10 Prints!)

Full House Quotes (Free 8x10 Prints!)

Fuller House will debut in a couple weeks on Netflix! Full House was one my FAVORITE tv shows from my childhood and I was so excited to hear there will be a new series. So I thought I would make some fun prints of quotes from some of our favorite characters on the show:

You got it, Dude!- Michelle
Cut it Out- Joey
How Rude - Stephanie
Have Mercy- Uncle Jesse
Hola Tanneritos - Kimmy
Well, Pin a rose on your nose- Stephanie
You Little Nerdbomber - D.J.
You're in Big trouble Mister!- Michelle

Download the prints here.

We are watching a few of our favorite episodes and I really need to get the DVDs to all the seasons! We only have a couple and my kids love watching them over and over again. Do you have a favorite episode? You can buy all 8 seasons here!


Becky said...

This is the show of my childhood!! Every Friday was homemade pizza and TGIF. Such fun memories!! Love the quotes, they totally took me back!

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