R & R Workshop: LDS Baptism Photo Ideas

LDS Baptism Photo Ideas

My son, Ethan, turned 8 last month and was baptized and w e loved having pictures taken before his special day! A Utah Baptism Photographer that I recommend is Ginger Snaps Photography. She was amazing to work with and had some great ideas to capture this special time in his life.

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It truly is a great to be 8! My Ethan is so funny but to capture him in photos can be hard (I think he is just tired of all the pictures I take of him, haha). We went to the Ogden Utah Temple and Ginger was wonderful. She has such an eye for photography.  Ginger was able to get some great photos of him and even show a little serious side of him, too.

Here are some of our favorite pictures from the day:

Love this last one of him jumping! I just loved this idea of having pictures before they are baptized. It was fun to have a session just for him. We brought a few props along with us, here are some great ides:

Ginger was kind enough to snap a few pictures of both the kids together and I love them.  These ages are so fun! 

I can't believe how much my children are growing and we are finally at this age of Ethan's baptism. Such an important step in our life.  It has blown my mind how fast they are growing up- I know that's cliche but it's the truth! 

I made some announcements for his day to give to family and friends:
You can find more info about the announcements here.

If you are in the Salt Lake area, I hope you check out Ginger Snaps Photography on her website as well as on FB and Instagram


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